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Servo Driver

Servo driver, designed for various forms of installation requirements, through the design of the product, can be convenient to realize the servo driver control, so that can be simple and effective to realize the control of the servo motor, to achieve high-precision transmission.


  • Support power supply and signal line series installation, realize multi - point linkage control
  • Compact and flexible structure, easy to install and fix
  • Support touch screen manual control, convenient man-machine interface
  • It can be equipped with HyperFusion intelligent control system series to realize multi-point linkage conveniently
  • Multi-core interface, including motor, limit, brake and encoder connection
  • Compatible with multiple servo drivers
  • Remote emergency stop function can be realized


  • 3P master switch (corresponding switch shall be configured according to servo driver)
  • 1 x reset and 1 x go button
  • 1 x 5.3-inch LCD touch screen
  • 1 x 6+12Pin overload interface
  • 2 x Ethernet ports
  • 2 x five-core serial interfaces
  • 1 x encoder interface
  • 2 x limit interfaces
  • 1 x USB port
  • 1 x emergency stop interface
  • 1 x emergency stop serial interface

Power supply

  • 5-Pin32A three-phase + zero + ground 50-60Hz input connector
  • 5-Pin32A three-phase + zero + ground 50-60Hz output connector