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Single-Channel Driver(HCU-VS1)

Single circuit electric hoist, single circuit ac asynchronous motor intelligent control cabinet, designed for various forms of installation requirements, as well as the need for high performance drivers to achieve complex motion control.


  •   Support power supply and signal line series installation, save wire
  •    Compact structure, easy to install and fix
  •    Frequency conversion high-precision control
  •    Support panel manual control
  •    Position encoder support (incremental or absolute)
  •    Multi-core interface, including motor, limit, brake and encoder connection
  •   Optional 2.2kw -- 5KW motor driving power


  • 4P 32A master switch

  • 1 x reset and 1 go button

  • 1 x LCD panel

  • 1 x 24+8Pin hardin interface
  • 1x Ethernet port

Power supply

  • 5-Pin 32A three-phase + zero + ground 50-60Hz red Ceeform socket x 2