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Four-Channel Driver (HCU-VS4)

Adopting chassis type and modular design, each control cabinet supports the control ability of 4-channel variable frequency electric hoist or 4-channel ac asynchronous motor, and receives positioning encoder signals from electric hoist and motor, weighing signal and upper and lower limit signal of electric hoist, and motion limit signal of asynchronous motor.


  • Support 4 channel electric hoist or ac induction motor power supply/control
  • Maximum 12 series
  • Multi - link control scale can be realized through Ethernet
  • Emergency stop switch connection
  • Support remote handheld PAD control
  • Support panel manual control
  • Miniature circuit breaker protection
  • Position encoder support (incremental or absolute)
  • Support frequency conversion control


  • 1 x 3.12 inch LCD screen
  • 1 x emergency stop button
  • 1 x reset button
  • 1 x go button
  • 4 x three - position switch (up - off - down) and direction indication
  • Force key switch operation

Power supply

  • AC 380-440V 50-60Hz