Console Series


The hand-held control panel is used to connect with the HCU-VS4 driver and the mechanical controller to remotely control the lifting of the electric hoist and the mechanical movement of the stage. It mainly includes the dial knob, knob and button for rapid manual control and the display screen for monitoring the real-time operation of all motion equipment and stage machinery in the system.


  • Provide emergency stop switch function
  • Through the page turning button can be a single or multiple electric hoist, stage machinery at the same time control
  • The three-position dial-code switch can control the lifting of the corresponding electric hoist and the direction selection of stage mechanical movement
  • Provide speed control knob to control the speed of electric hoist, stage machinery
  • LCD provides electric hoist, stage mechanical information status display


  • 1 x emergency stop button
  • 8 x sets of three - block dial code switch and indicator light
  • 2 x OLED LCD screens
  • 1 x go button
  • 1 x reset button
  • 3 x menu operation buttons
  • 1 x speed control knob
  • 16-core control cabinet data series interface mother block
  • AC 90-220V

Power supply

  • AC 90-220V 50-60Hz