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Console Series

Console (HAIC-X1)

HAIC-X1 console is connected to the whole control system network through the network, and manages all hanging control cabinets and stage machinery control cabinets in the network.


The console provides users with a convenient and intuitive graphical control interface. Users can add any number of electric hoist and stage mechanical controller, electric hoist and mechanical controller can be grouped programming, production scene and sequence. At the same time, it can visually and dynamically observe all kinds of state information, including height, rotation Angle, speed, weight, abnormal state and so on.


  • Unlimited control channels and capacity
  • Large-scale electric hoist and stage machinery intelligent grouping
  • Programming SEQUENCE based on scene (CUE)
  • Real-time monitoring and feedback point bearing load and stage machinery position and motion state
  • Remote handheld PAD control time code synchronization
  • A visual Layout

Power supply

  • AC 90-220V 50-60 HZ


  • 1 x 15.6 inch capacitive touch screen
  • 1 x 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen
  • 1 x emergency stop button
  • 1 x joy stick
  • 1 x go button
  • Button panel